About Us

Tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly jewellery. 

Olalla is the first tarnish-resistant, environmentally conscious jewellery brand in The Middle East. Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully curated to bring you the trendiest and most high-quality jewellery that you can enjoy everyday, for years to come. 

You should not have to break the bank to invest in high-quality pieces that last, and the alternative should not be poor-quality accessories that tarnish or irritate your skin after a few wears, only to be thrown away. Olalla Jewellery uses stainless steel base and 18 karat gold plating using PVD technology, this is what makes each piece tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.


Making high quality jewellery accessible and fun!

Olalla (pronounced O-LAH-Ya) means well spoken. Your Jewellery is a reflection of self-expression, the story you tell about yourself; and we believe your jewellery should be a part of your story for years. Whether you're an adventurer, beach bum, work-out guru, super-mom or constantly on the go, your pieces are meant to withstand all your daily wear-and-tear, from beach waves, sweat, water and lotions. You can wear your jewellery in the shower, at the gym, or to the beach and the colour will never fade.


Tired of having to decide between splurging on real gold pieces, and poor quality accessories/demi-fine jewellery that tarnished after a few uses or left my skin green and irritated, I set out to find high-quality materials for dream jewellery pieces. Expressing yourself through jewellery should be accessible, affordable and fun!

When you buy an Olalla piece, you are supporting a small, female-owned, Middle Eastern business with an environmentally conscious edge. 


Stainless Steel & 18k Gold PVD Plating

We use stainless steel metal because it's durable, recyclable, rust-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Stainless steel does not oxidize or fade, which means it will not turn your skin green, tarnish with time or cause any skin irritation, regardless of water contact (think; water, sweat, lotions, perfumes). 

All of our jewellery is 18 karat gold plated using PVD technology. PVD coatings are more resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear than gold plating. It is four times harder than chrome which also makes it scratch-resistant. The PVD process is safe for both the environment and skin, as it does not require harsh chemicals or hazardous by-products.


As a brand, we believe in being environmentally and socially conscious to try to minimize our footprint and maximize our impact.  That is why all of our packaging uses recycled or biodegradable materials. The Bonus: stainless steel is also a completely recyclable metal.